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Brand and Communications Management

Copenhagen Business School
Længde: 2 år
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Study Brand and Communication Management at CBS

Understanding the consumer.
The emotions and subconscious associations experienced by consumers when presented with different brands are central to this concentration. You will learn about  theories that cover the social, psychological and neurological aspects of consumer mindsets, and this insight will give you a deep understanding of how consumers think. You will learn to identify what they like, what motivates them, and how they interact with a product, a service or a company.

Earn a MA in Brand and Communications ManagementCommunicating and positioning the brand.
You will learn to apply this knowledge to optimise the positioning strategy for the company and translate your insights into communication and marketing efforts. One example could be to find more efficient ways of reaching the desired audience. Another, that you apply the brand strategy to the interaction with all company stakeholders including employees within the company. Widening the use of the brand in this way will enable you to link marketing strategies with corporate strategies. This will create a match between brand and company values. For instance, a company that manufactures sports equipment may not only sponsor sporting events, but also encourage its employees to have active lifestyles.  

Creating and assessing the value of brands.
Working with cases, and getting hands-on experience in solving brand-related problems are important elements  of the concentration. Both real-life companies and simulation games are used to achieve this. Here the theoretical foundation is combined with research methods and analytical tools for collecting inputs and evaluating the effects of marketing and brand strategies. This combination will give you the ability to build up, increase and assess the value of a brand. Not only in the traditional sense, like goodwill value and increased market shares, but also in the value that comes from consumers associations or social media interaction with the brand.

The skills you obtain will allow you to effectively identify deeply held and meaningful needs of consumers, such as symbolic meanings and identity expressions, which will enable you to manage a brand or portfolio of brands. By doing this, you can create a competitive advantage for the company as well as consumer loyalty, which in turn will create value for the company as well as consumers.

Brand Communication Management is a two-year master’s programmethat is divided into 4 semesters. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June. The first year, first and second  semester, consists of eight compulsory courses that all revolve around the management of brands, including communications. There is  a fair degree of progression and interaction between the courses, making it a true specialisation within the field of branding. The third semester consists of elective courses and the fourth semester finishes off the program  with the master thesis

Eksamen og diplom

Brand and Communications Management is a two-year Master programme. Through Brand and Communications Management you can also apply for the CEMS Master programme in International Management as a double degree option.


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