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Inma Contreras, Junior Backend Engineer, Peakon

  • Inma Contreras
  • 26 år
  • Ansat siden 2018
  • Bsc in Electrical Engineering

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

The IT field offers lots of different opportunities for jobs which lets you decide what you’re most interested in. As a developer, one of my main tasks consists of thinking up technical solutions to problems so that our users have a smooth experience with our product.

My other favorite main task would be shaping and implementing new ideas so that they are available to our product users. It always makes both us and our customers very excited.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

The most challenging part is to feel confident when a task pushes you out of your comfort zone while trying to develop a cool feature as sometimes the decided solution is not so easy to implement.

However, the most exciting part is when you then see a feature that you’ve been developing being used and liked by people. It gives a very rewarding feeling and you know you’re helping create a very meaningful tool.

  • How do you use your education in your position?

My education covers quite a few very different areas and this made me get into the habit of thinking beyond my specific task, while also paying close attention to details.

I chose the IT path, and therefore, as a developer I’m also using all the programming knowledge I acquired during my studies.

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job at Peakon?

It is very important to me that my job offers me a really good work-life balance as knowing that I have the flexibility and time to enjoy life outside work pushes me to give my best while at work. This means a lot to me as it shows that the company I work for cares about my well-being.

Another very important aspect for me is that the atmosphere in the office is friendly and positive. Being surrounded by colleagues that inspire you and from you can learn something every day is very valuable for me.   

Lastly, to feel proud of what I’m developing is also very important to me. Peakon has a super interesting product that helps people raise their voices in their workplace in a way that it can make a difference and knowing that we make people happier in their everyday life is incredible.

  • Why is Peakon an attractive company for you?

The more I got to know Peakon as a company and throughout the interview process, meeting future colleges, the more I realized that Peakon not only ticked off my three most important things to have in a job but also Peakon’s values as a company align to my own, which ultimately is what makes the biggest difference.

Everyone makes sure you feel like part of the family and they encourage you to develop yourself in the way it makes you the happiest. I appreciate that Peakon lets me explore other areas that I may be interested in and they are open to people moving within the company, as well as supporting growth in your career.

Peakon is also a very fast-growing company and being part of the journey is super exciting.

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Senest opdateret: 04 mar 2019

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Forretningsområdet som Data Scientist Consultant er meget bredt. Man arbejder på korte projekter i alle slags virksomheder, og man kan arbejde med al slags data fx. sundhedsdata, vejrdata, mediedata, processdata, kundedata osv. Min primære arbejdsopgave er at finde værdi i data og være med til at løse komplekse problemstillinger for kunden ved brug af data.

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My title is Junior Site Reliability Engineer. That covers taking care of the Falcon platform infrastructure, and helping developers carry out their tasks on a daily basis. There are two sides to the job. We get assigned multiple different projects that go in-depth into specific areas. 

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Jeg er ansat som Graduate ved Microsoft i Specialist Team Unit-afdelingen, og min rolle hedder Surface - Technology Solution Professionel, der betyder, at jeg er ansvarlig for alt det tekniske, når det drejer sig om vores Surface-produkter fx Surface Laptop, Surface Pro osv. Jeg arbejder ikke direkte med salg, men jeg står for at drive den tekniske beslutning hos vores kunder.

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Mathias Nielsen, Consultant i NewTech, KPMG

I am a consultant in our NewTech department, where we use cutting edge technology to add value to our clients. Our team consists of technical as well as business people, with a good understanding of (new) technologies. As one of the technical team members, my main areas are Machine Learning, IoT, RPA as well as Chat & Voicebots. 

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Søren Maagaard Olesen, Software Architect, 3Shape

3Shape Audio provides 3D scanners and modelling software to hearing aid manufacturers. In my team, we make the software that connects the 3D scanners and software for designing customized hearing aids. The hearing aids are customized to each person, so they fit exactly to their ears. That means that the software needs to include a lot of information on ear anatomy.

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Anders Skovgaard Bach, Product Owner, BEC

Jeg er product owner i CEM ARTen i BEC. CEM står for Customer Experience Management, og vi arbejder på at få BEC’s fremtidige kunderådgivningssystem implementeret til vores kunder, som primært er banker. Jeg er produktejer på den del af vores system, der tager data fra de andre systemer i BEC og sender det til udstilling i vores CEM system.

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Noreen Din, Teamleder, Sweco

Jeg er teamleder og sidder overordnet med opgaver og projekter inden for veje og trafikplanlægning. I det store hele kan man sige, at mit job kræver stærke projektlederevner, og da jeg er teamleder og har personaleansvar, er det selvfølgelig også vigtigt, at jeg er en god leder.

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Nikolaj Thomas Madsen, IT Architect, Telenor

Jeg sidder som it-arkitekt i vores afdeling Technology & Strategy, hvor jeg til dagligt arbejder med at udarbejde strategi og målarkitektur for vores teknologiportefølje. Mine primære arbejdsopgaver ligger inde for vores Cloud-domæne, hvor jeg arbejder med at kigge ind i, hvordan dertilhørende teknologier kan være med til at løfte Telenor. 

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Marie Theill Warming, Student Developer, IBM CIC

Som Student Developer hos IBM CIC er mine arbejdsopgaver meget lig dem, som mine fuldtidskolleger har. Jeg er Backend Developer på et rigtigt spændende kundeprojekt, der vedrører automation. Fremadrettet vil jeg komme til at stifte bekendtskab med endnu flere forretningsområder og teknologier, end dem jeg arbejder med nu. 

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Alessia Covello, Consultant, NNIT

I work with IT Systems for Life Sciences. This is a broad area in NNIT. Specifically, I am an IT Consultant and I work in the technical department where IT Architects and Consultants/Developers are dedicated to design, implement, test and deliver IT Solutions. My tasks range from sales to solution design to implementation to testing. 

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Mette Sørensen, Ingeniør, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

Jeg er ansat i Center for Markedsovervågning, hvor jeg arbejder med produktsikkerhed i et team af dygtige kollegaer. Min primære arbejdsopgave omhandler sagsbehandling af produkter, som ikke lever op til gældende sikkerhedskrav. Jeg er ofte i dialog med virksomheder, som har brug for vejledning i forhold til deres egne forpligtelser. 

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Signe Kraghede Yding Andersen, Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

Jeg arbejder med forretningsudvikling fra et teknisk perspektiv i forhold til vores partnere, fordi Microsoft arbejder sammen med en række partnere – blandt andet større konsulenthuse og mindre IT-virksomheder. Det skyldes, at vi hos Microsoft ikke kan nå ud til hele verden, og derfor er vi nødt til at alliere os med partnere, der kan hjælpe med at sælge og formidle Microsofts produkter og løsning ...

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Sidst opdateret 19-03-2019

Morten Jacobsen, Seniorprojektleder, Sweco

Jeg sidder i vores energiafdeling og beskæftiger mig primært med biogasprojekter. På biogasprojekterne har jeg foruden min rolle som projektleder også en rolle som biogasekspert. Som biogasekspert rådgiver jeg alle vores kunder omkring det at bygge nye biogasanlæg, herunder valg af udstyr og teknologi og omkring selve gennemførelsen af projektet.

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Kasper Steenstrup, Software Architect, 3Shape

I am working as a software architect in the computer aided manufacturing team at 3Shape. We implement 3D printer algorithms and nesting software for milling machines to manufacture all kinds of crazy objects for the dentist. It can be anything from purple or metal crowns, 3D printed guides, to where the dentist must drill to prevent hitting a nerve, or ear pieces for hearing aids.

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Sidst opdateret 22-03-2019

Thor Højlund Olsen, Discovery Lead, Demant

I am a project leader in Discovery, which is part of R&D in Demant. In Discovery we develop radical innovative concepts for people living a hearing loss. We use the most recent technologies, like AI and sensors to address the challenges of people living with a hearing loss. In a small and fast project, we experiment with new ideas.

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Sidst opdateret 21-12-2020

Martin Nørgaard, Application Specialist, Kamstrup

I mit arbejde som Application Specialist beskæftiger jeg mig med at forstå forskellige forretningsapplikationer med henblik på at finde ud af, om de skal udvikles eller afvikles set i forhold til vores overordnede systemlandskab. 

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Mustafa Nabil Shaker, Civil Engineer, Rambøll

My primary tasks are to manage projects and coordinate both small and medium sized bridge and civil work projects both in Denmark and internationally. In the recent year, the main focus has been to optimize and integrate the global cooperation between the different bridge teams in countries such as India, Abu Dhabi and UK. 

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Sidst opdateret 21-12-2020

Anders Koed Kjær, Embedded Test Engineer, Kamstrup

Inden for mit forretningsområde i Kamstrup arbejder vi med udvikling af kommunikationsmoduller til Kamstrups intelligente målere samt udvikling af basestationer til Kamstrups fjernaflæsnings netværk. Kommunikation mellem måler og basestation kan ske efter en af flere kommunikationsteknologier heriblandt M-Bus, NB-IoT, Sigfox og vores egen AMI protokol.

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Sidst opdateret 01-03-2019

Philip Bratt Ørum, Backend Game Developer, MovieStarPlanet

I am a Backend Programmer working on a multiplayer online game. When the game changes or a new feature is added, my job is to figure out how the underlying systems should work, and then create those systems. In addition to that, I am responsible for making sure that the game is always working, and for fixing any issues that occur. 

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Sidst opdateret 14-08-2019

Simon Gray, Software Developer, Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen

Jeg er udvikler i Udviklings- og Forenklingsstyrelsen, hvor jeg arbejder med udviklingen af det nye system til Ejendomsvurderinger. Jeg laver full-stack udvikling i Clojure og ClojureScript på det nye værktøj som sagsbehandlere i Vurderingsstyrelsen skal bruge til at lave offentlige ejendomsvurderinger med.

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