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Camilla Højfeldt Rasmussen, Communications Specialist, 3Shape

Camilla Højfeldt Rasmussen arbejder som Communications Specialist hos 3Shape, hvor hun primært arbejder med intern kommunikation.

Communications Specialist
  • Camilla Højfeldt Rasmussen
  • Ansat siden 2017
  • MSC. In Business Administration and Organizational Communication, CBS

  • Can you briefly describe the area of business that you are working with, including your primary work tasks?

I work as Communications Specialist in our Communications department, which is a rather small department compared to many other departments in 3Shape. I primarily work with internal communications, which entails writing news for our internal platform and planning our quarterly Town Hall meetings, where we gather all employees from HQ to inform them of the latest business updates.

When planning Town Hall meetings, I also coordinate video filming with our internal video team and help with the editing afterwards, so we can broadcast it to the rest of the organization. We want to get even better at sharing news and be more transparent across our more than 20 office locations. We have found that sharing videos from our Town Hall meetings is a great way of doing that.  

  • What are the most exciting and challenging tasks that you face in your job?

Working with internal communications, I have a large network.  I get to speak with colleagues from many different offices from around the world. The biggest challenge in my job is that internal communications might not be the main priority in busy times, so sometimes, I need to “fight” for the attention that my job requires in order to succeed.

  • How do you use your education in your current position?

I have studied Corporate Communications at Aarhus University (bachelor) and Copenhagen Business School (master). I can draw direct parallels from some courses to the work tasks I have in 3Shape, such as Corporate Journalism, English grammar, Internal Communications, or Project Management. I apply knowledge from other courses, for example Intercultural Communication and Organizational Behaviour to better understand the dynamics of a complex, global organization such as 3Shape. 

  • Which three things are of most importance when working in an organization like 3Shape?

1. Comfortable with taking on responsibility from day one. 

2. Adaptable in a company where things move fast.

3. Enjoy spending time with your colleagues and wanting to engage in the social events arranged at 3Shape.

  • Why is 3Shape an attractive organization for you to work within?

Because we have a ping pong table. Just kidding (even though it's pretty awesome). I enjoy working in an international company, where I get to know and work with so many different people. I also feel super proud to be part of a company with such an impressive product portfolio.

3Shape develops some of the best products in the audio- and dental industries and I am constantly amazed how our engineers manage to push the boundaries in what is thought possible. Even though I am not developing anything myself, I can’t help but feel proud of being part of this exciting journey. Lastly, I have to say the people in 3Shape - all the “3Shapers”, as we refer to ourselves, are some of the best colleagues in the world, which makes it fun to go to work. 

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