Stina Grahn, Account Executive, Pleo

Stina er Account Executive hos Pleo, hvor hun blandt andet er ansvarlig for at introducere Pleo på det svenske marked til nye kunder.

Account Executive
  • Stina Grahn
  • 25 år
  • Ansat siden 2019
  • Master in Management of Growing Enterprises

  • How would you describe your business field and main tasks?

I am responsible for introducing Pleo in the Swedish market to new clients. I am working with clients throughout the whole sales cycle from the first contact to closing the deal.

Everyday I meet new clients who all have different stories. My job is then to understand the clients specific stories, their actual pain points and their needs. Then I will be able to in the right way show how Pleo can ease the pain that their employees meet when for example having to share a company card or spend their own money.

In addition to my everyday client contact, my job is also to help the Swedish team, to constantly develop and get better, it's the charm of working in a startup (now scale up), you get the chance and the opportunity to influence decisions that affect your work. At Pleo you can share your ideas and get/give feedback from/to everyone. 

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

The most exciting and challenging part when working in sales as an Account Executive is that you need to be creative. You do not always know who you will speak to, or how that person will act in the sales meeting. You also need to be creative when prospecting new potential clients, the way that works one week may not work best the next week. I love the creative part and how it helps you be prepared of all kind of turns a sales meeting can take. 

  • How do you use your education in your position?

I joined when Pleo was still at the startup phase, now we are in scale up phase and from my studies (Management of Growing Enterprises) this scale up phase were something we focused on a lot. I am aware of the challenges that you either meet or potentially meet when you are scaling this fast, so it is a great opportunity to be able to put all of those theories you learned at University into practice. I would say I am prepared for a lot of changes and have a good understanding on why those changes are needed. 

Of course, team-work and presentation skills are used everyday, which you practice a lot during group works in your education. 

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job?

1. Great management/leadership guidance

2. Shared company values and culture between me and Pleo

3. Personal development in the Sales field.  

  • Why is Pleo an attractive company for you? 

Pleo checked everything that I mentioned above, so we are a great match! 

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