Ida Støier, Partner Manager, Pleo

Som Partner Manager hos Pleo beskæftiger Ida sig blandt andet med kommercielle partnerskaber. Derudover er hun også leder for et team.

Partner Manager
  • Ida Støier
  • Ansat siden 2017
  • Cand.ling.merc from CBS 

  • How would you describe your business field and main tasks?

Pleo is a company spending solution that automates expense reports. We wish to empower future employees in future workplaces to work smarter. We offer a smart company card linked to our platform, so employees can take a quick snap of the receipt and admins and bookkeepers can see all expenses in real-time. 

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

I LOVE my job! I'm working with commercial partnerships, which is super rewarding since I get to meet a lot of interesting people. We create value based partnerships with accountants. My main task though is to be the manager of my team and this is definitely the best part. I love seeing my team grow!

But managing people is difficult and I constantly doubt myself - am I doing a good enough job? Am I supporting them in the best way possible? I have always dreamt of being a leader, since I love to motivate and inspire others, but I didn't think I would already have a leadership role a few years after graduation. But that's also why I love working in start-ups, where you are judged on your actions and not your previous experiences. 

  • How do you use your education in your position?

I studied at CBS so it can be difficult to point out what exactly I use from my education, since my education is very broad: Intercultural Marketing and Communication with a Master in Leadership. However, I definitely use my analytical skills and my insights into how businesses work, how to create a solid business plan etc.

Besides that, I use my learnings on effective verbal and written communication. I picked up a lot at the Business School, but I would say I didn't really learned the skills until I used them in real-life. 

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job?

A great team, challenging and different types of tasks and autonomy - I want to feel responsible and take ownership! Working in the start-up community is definitely my passion. I love how you get real responsibility from day 1 and that you can excel much faster than in the corporate world.

I've been working voluntarily a lot in my past, and Pleo is the first time I experience a culture that's so close to the vibe in a group of volunteers. I get so much energy from working with passionate and driven people who will go above and beyond for what they believe in. 

  • Why is Pleo an attractive company for you?

Pleo offers me all I ever wanted. Full autonomy, an incredible team, new challenges all the time, working with a lovely and meaningful product. I could keep on. Our culture is amazing! A company is defined by the people working in it and Pleo is so focused on culture and the team. I think a lot of companies could benefit from doubling down on employee happiness and satisfaction. Happy people are much more creative and productive. 

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