Jakob G. Frandsen, Global Business Processes Graduate, Novo Nordisk

Jakob Gøttrup Frandsen er Global Business Processes Graduate hos Novo Nordisk. Han giver dig her et indblik i, hvad det indebærer, og hvordan hverdagen ser ud hos Novo Nordisk.

  • Can you briefly describe the business area you work in and what your primary tasks are?

I’m working in Global Medical Affairs, Medical Operations. Global Medical Affairs’ primary focus is to secure the scientific strategy, drive the scientific dialogue with health care professionals and educating Novo Nordisk employees worldwide on science.

My primary tasks are related to driving and supporting strategy and innovation projects. This involves a great deal of planning, stakeholder engagement, analysis, and execution.

As a project manager, the type of tasks spans widely. In the project I’m currently working on I have been planning and conducting interviews for an analysis related to mapping how Medical Affairs interacts with Health Care Professionals.

  • What are the most interesting and the most challenging tasks in your job?

I find it interesting to work in a business area where people have very diverse backgrounds. The scientific nature of the department naturally attracts people with medical backgrounds (doctors etc.) while there at the other end of the spectrum are generalists with a business degree.

I have enjoyed to interview and work with stakeholders, capturing their insights and expertise and bring it into line with the projects I’m working on. However, the great span in academic background and area of expertise also brings challenges, whereas stakeholder engagement can be challenging at times.

  • How are you using your education in your current position?

I’m using my education in many aspects of my current position. Holistic problem-solving, project management and analytical casework are some of the areas I’m using to great extent. In my previous rotations in the graduate programme, the analytical aspects of my education were more evident.

  • What are the three most important things to you in your job at Novo Nordisk?

The three most important things in my job is the close link to the scientific part of the organization, project management in an environment with a great span of expertise and working in an area where I feel that I can contribute to improving patients’ lives.

  • Why is Novo Nordisk an attractive company for you to work in?

Novo Nordisk is a great company to work in for three main reasons. Firstly, my commitment to work towards improving patients’ lives brings purpose to what I do.

Secondly, working in an international company with many opportunities and great colleagues allows me to continuously grow and challenge myself.

Thirdly, the work-life balance allows me to be fully committed at work and enjoy time with family and friends when I’m off.

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