Claudia Laven, Global Marketing Graduate, Novo Nordisk

Mød Claudia Laven, der i dette interview vil give dig et grundigt indblik i ansvaret og arbejdsopgaverne som Global Marketing Graduate hos Novo Nordisk. Læs med her.

  • Can you briefly describe the business area you work in and what your primary tasks are?

As a Global Marketing Graduate, I started my journey with Novo Nordisk in the Global Insulin Marketing department in the company’s Headquarters in Copenhagen. During my 8 months there, I was part of a cross-functional team supporting the insulin brand teams on various projects. My main responsibility was a project on launch sequencing i.e. in which order our new-generation insulin products should be launched in new markets.

Being responsible for this project not only exposed me to the whole insulin portfolio, but was also an excellent opportunity for me to connect with colleagues from all over the world, as I was able to interview more than 10 affiliates worldwide.

After my time in Copenhagen, I was fortunate enough to get experience in a different therapeutic area for 8 months by joining the ‘Obesity Management’ team as part of Obesity Marketing in the North American Headquarters of Novo Nordisk in Princeton, USA. This team is responsible for driving Obesity Disease Awareness initiatives in the US, which therefore was a really different area compared to my responsibilities during my first rotation in Copenhagen. In the US, I was responsible for the development and communicating around all Novo Nordisk activities at ObesityWeek 2017 (the biggest obesity convention worldwide) as well as budgeting.

Finally, my last rotation has just begun in January 2018 and for the last 8 months of the program, I will be part of the Obesity Sales team in Alberta, Canada. This final rotation will be very different from the first two rotations as it is field- and not office-based. As a sales representative, I will be working in a dedicated territory in North Calgary, visiting GPs, specialists and hospitals. I’m extremely excited for this last part of the journey, as it will provide direct exposure to healthcare providers and patients. Ultimately, I want to contribute to change the lives of people living with obesity for the better.

  • What are the most interesting and the most challenging tasks in your job?

During my time in Copenhagen, I have learned a lot about the global strategy planning process. During my second rotation in the US, I was then able to see how the global strategy direction is put into practice on a local level. The global teams in Copenhagen provide the affiliates with guidance and analysis on a global basis, while affiliates take that guidance into consideration when developing local strategic actions, tactics, and campaigns.

I am sure that now that I am part of a sales team, I will be able to see that strategy turn into tactics on an even more granular level. This was to date the most interesting process to be part of. At the same time, this example also shows the challenging part of the job: Relocating every 8 months, being exposed to new tasks, team dynamics and cultures is definitely challenging, but also extremely exciting!

  • How are you using your education in your current position?

Firstly, my MSc in International Management / CEMS had a big focus on the advantages and challenges of diverse teams and the effect that diversity has on innovation - skills that are especially important because of the international set up of the Global Marketing Graduate Program.

Secondly, and from a more practical perspective, all that I’ve learned in my Marketing classes were so far really helpful, e.g. different types of marketing strategies, measuring the impact of a campaign through various assessment tools, market research, analysis of market trends, being affluent with data, etc. Finally, the project management skills that I acquired during my Master’s are extremely helpful for me on a day-to- day basis. Where do you start when being faced with a really big task? Who do you involve at which stage of the process? How do you measure success? It is essential to mention, though, that most skills are learned on-the- job, and that no real pre-requisites are required for the program, except for the completion of an MSc program and a strong interest in Marketing.

  • What are the three most important things to you in your job at Novo Nordisk?

Knowing that my work is meaningful is the most important aspect of my job. I feel responsible for making a difference for the people living with chronic conditions, such as diabetes and obesity, and that ultimately motivates me more than any other part could ever do.

Secondly, it is motivating for me to work with people who I want to be surrounded by, who live by the same or similar values as I do, and who are inspiring to work with. That has been the case in every rotation for me, and I have met so many colleagues that now I call friends.

Finally, another important aspect for me is that my job offers enough flexibility for me to achieve my personal goals, too. Novo Nordisk attaches great value to work-life balance, which in turn facilitates the achievement of both professional and personal goals - ultimately making my personal and professional plans go hand-in-hand.

  • Why is Novo Nordisk an attractive company for you to work in?

When I first got to know the company at a Career Fair in Vienna, I was instantly impressed with the people that I got to know at the booth, and just wanted to hear more about their stories and background. I learned about the Novo Nordisk Way, the guiding principles and values of the company, which exemplify why Novo Nordisk was the company I wanted to work for right from the first moment.

Secondly, it was always important for me to have locational flexibility in my job and to have a truly global career. It is possible at Novo Nordisk to take on an international assignment, also outside of the graduate program; already after 1.5 years, I was able to build a global network. That’s what makes working at Novo Nordisk extremely exciting for me!

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