Gergo Szakony, Junior Site Reliability Engineer,

Gergo er Junior Site Reliability Engineer ved Her arbejder han med platformens infrastruktur og udvikling.
Junior Site Reliability Engineer
  • Gergo Szakony
  • 31 år
  • Ansat siden januar 2017
  • KEA, IT Engineer in Networks & Programming

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

My title is Junior Site Reliability Engineer. That covers taking care of the Falcon platform infrastructure, and helping developers carry out their tasks on a daily basis. There are two sides to the job. We get assigned multiple different projects that go in-depth into specific areas. On the other hand, there are many shorter term ad-hoc tasks that relate to the platform maintenance and must be solved very fast. 

  • What are the most exciting and challenging aspects of your job?

Simply put, my job is my hobby. Hence I enjoy all parts of it (almost). Although challenging situations do arise, in my perspective, challenges are exciting, which means I enjoy it and am not afraid to jump into the task. Both sides of the job (as described above) have their charm.  

  • How do you apply your education in your job?

In my profession, school gives the basic foundations that are necessary in order to work in the area, therefore it opens up a lot of career opportunities.

  • What are the three most important things to you in your job at

First of all, the opportunities for learning and development are great, as there is a focus on employees working on their skills. Secondly, the international and multicultural environment is a major plus for me, as it is so dynamic and interesting to work alongside people from many different nationalities. Lastly, my team - the SRE team - is a very hardworking and helpful bunch of people, and it is very nice to be a part of such a dedicated team, as it really motivates and inspires me.   

  • Why do you consider a desirable company to work in?

All of the above reasons I gave as being important for me at, are also why I find it a desirable place to work. Lets also not forget about the social side of things, such as the outings and parties. Also the free Faxe Kondi.

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