Jakob Henning Jensen, Assistant Analyst, TDC Group

Jakob arbejder i Decision Support Center som Assistant Analyst, hvor han supportere TDC Finance ved at lave data analyser.

TDC Group
Assistant analyst
  • Jakob Henning Jensen
  • 26 år
  • Ansat siden februar 2018
  • Bachelor i Matematik og Teknologi,  Kandidat i Matematisk modellering og Computing

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

I am working in a team called the Decision Support Center (DSC), which is a part of TDC Finance. Actually, I am in a sub-team of DSC called "Data Management & Project".

What we do is supporting TDC Finance, as a first priority, by creating data overview/insight of the data which they have. That can be anything from creating classification models (e.g fraud detection or classify customers who pay their bills late) to simply extract, simplify and visualize the data, such that a given team has a better overview of their data.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

Right now I am studying "Mathematical modeling and Computing" at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and I have chosen to focus on applied statistics and machine learning, and when I get problems which have to be solved using the tools I have learned from DTU I really love my job! That can also be the most challenging part since we normally use "easy datasets" in the lecture (datasets which have some nice properties and really visualize the algorithms well) which is not always the case at TDC - more often than not the data is definitely not straight forward. This forces me to really understand what is going on when using/applying the algorithms since you need to attack the problem from some different angles compared to what we have been taught. Also since we are a pretty "young" and a small team, I kind of have to trust in what I do and what I conclude, since we do not have a Machine Learning specialist in our team, thus some days are used for researching. 

  • How do you use your education in your position?

I use my education almost every day since I normally work with some kind of datasets which forces me to always have in mind "How can we reduce this dataset? What are the potential issues? How can we extract most information?" etc.

Also right now I have two courses in Machine learning at DTU which is perfect since I can apply the theory from the lectures in my work straight away.

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job at TDC Group?

1. I need to feel comfortable where I work (regarding colleagues). 

2. My work/tasks have to have a  purpose. 

3. I need to be challenged and work with what I find interesting.

  • Why is TDC Group an attractive company for you to work in?

TDC is a rather big company in Denmark with lots of opportunities for "setting your own touch" regarding your work. As said I am working in a rather small team thus we are capable of choosing what we want to work with and how to do it, which is great! Also we are allowed to do a lot of experiments.

At last I am really being challenged sometimes since, as mentioned, there is a pretty big difference between what you learn and see in the lectures and the reality.

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