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Adela Arnautovic, Senior Consultant, LEGO Group

LEGO Group
Senior Consultant
  • Adela Arnautovic

  • 32 år
  • Ansat siden marts 2018
  • MSc. Marketing at Aarhus BSS

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

By being part of the Shopper and Omni-channel Activation Team within the LEGO Group, my field of work is within the shopper marketing. In the toy industry there is a strong distinction between shoppers who are usually parents, grandparents or different gift givers and consumers who are, a majority, children. Shopper marketing follows shoppers on their path to purchase and focuses on understanding shopper needs, behavior and shopping missions. Specifically, it observes how shoppers are making purchase decisions, what is the desired shopping experience in different retail formats and how shoppers are switching between online platforms to physical retail stores.

The goal of shopper marketing is to provide shoppers with the expected and relevant experience. My tasks include generating shopper insights about toys through qualitative and quantitative research and translating those findings into a concrete business application that leads to increased brand value and sales effectiveness. For example, we run different research projects that help us understand how children influence the toys shopping decision and how they create toy wishlist, who is the biggest spender within the family for holiday toy shopping season and what type of experience are shoppers looking from toy specialists, just to name the few. 

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

The most exciting aspect is understanding the complexity of the shopper space and how technology is changing the way we, as shoppers, make purchases. Every 50 years, retailing and shopping behavior undergoes disruption when you can see a lot of new shopping paradigms emerge. Augmented reality is giving us an opportunity to see how clothes fit before even trying them out.

While we are in store and checking the desired item we intend to buy, most of us compare the prices and location availability with other retailers on our phones. Responding to these retail trends that shape our shopping future is also one of the most challenging aspects because it requires agility to follow these fast-paced changes and to respond to them in a timely manner in order to keep up with shopper expectations. For me, the process of discovery, generating awareness and providing insights feed my curiosity and this is the reason I truly enjoy what I do.

  • How do you use your education in your position?

MSc in Marketing helped me to develop a wider knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methods which are crucial in generating insights. Courses in Pricing Strategy, Economic Psychology, Nudging, Customer Value, and Innovation and other provided me with a base to develop the deeper theoretical and practical understanding of the context and environment in which we as shopper make decisions.

By being aware how we observe the in-store environment, what captures our attention and how our brain process many of the stimulation and information that influence each of us during shopping trips helped me greatly to translate all the information I get into actionable insights.

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job at LEGO Group?

The LEGO group offers such a unique working environment that is hard to limit only to three aspects. But if I need to choose, I would highlight the career and personal development. Leaders and managers are deeply invested in challenging people and providing them with mentorship and support. This enables people to grow in their current roles but also provides them with the opportunity to grow within the organization.

I am always fascinated with colleagues who have been in the company for 20, 30 or even 50 years and have wide organizational inter-departmental experience. In the Millennial culture, this is so rare, but it is also a testament to mobility and growth that company offers.

One of the things I really like about working in the LEGO is a positive and inspirational high energy atmosphere that naturally occurs when you are working next to people who are passionate about their jobs and the projects they are working on. As an international coming to work in a Danish company, what I really like is the culture of openness with a very flat structure which I find extremely motivating.

  • Why is LEGO Group an attractive company for you?

I have only words of recommendation for everyone considering working for the LEGO Group as the company culture is great and it lives up to their core values. Whether you are entering company as a student worker/intern (as I have) or as a senior manager, you are integrated from the day one.

Working for the LEGO group is about blending your skills and beliefs to create the next best play experience for children. In order to that that, you need to become a kid again (at least in the heart). Company events like LEGO Play Day where all employees take a day off for playing with the LEGO bricks really keeps you in touch with who are our consumers. What better way to spend your working days than being part of the company that focuses on developing children and sparking their imagination? It is a value I can really believe in.

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Jonas Venning Larsen, Head of SEO, Conversio

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Marie Greve Brandt, Marketingansvarlig, E-Komplet

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Alberte Knudsen, Projektkoordinator, Scleroseforeningen

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Henriette Hoff, Head of Display Sales Nordic, Krak

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