Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne, Engineering Graduate, Demant

Mød Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne, der er Engineering Graduate hos Demant. I dette interview giver Kristine et indblik i hendes hverdag og stillingens arbejdsopgaver.

Engineering Graduate
  • Kristine Clemmensen-Rotne
  • 30 år
  • Ansat siden 2017
  • M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

During the graduate program I have been working in the following areas during my four rotations:

  • Quality in Oticon
  • Hardware (Research & Development) in Oticon
  • Operations in Demant
  • Project Management Office in Sennheiser Communications

During my various projects here in the Graduate Programme I have moved through almost all of the different stages, from the early development to the final production and distribution of our products. Through this work, I have had the chance to understand the different values held by different teams around the organization and why it can be difficult, but also necessary to make ends meet. To illustrate my point; Yes, we do need to be quick to market, but we sure also need to ensure that our quality is top of the line, every time. For me, it is highly exciting to have been part of making such ends come together in a big and complex organization like William Demant.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging aspects of your job?

When I get to facilitate collaboration between different departments or teams – it is always a great challenge to get people to see the world from the perspective of others. I think of it as ‘building bridges’ and it makes me feel like I contribute positively to the strength of our organization. 

  • How do you apply your education to your job?

The general technical knowledge I build up at the Technical University of Denmark is of great value to me when I have to understand very technical details about our products or when I have to help less tech-savvy people understand what our amazing hearing aids can do – and what technical challenges we face.

From my master's education, I use a lot of my basic knowledge about projects, innovation, stakeholders, change management and it has brought me a more organizational and strategic understanding. This helps me a lot when understanding how the projects I work on fit into or affect the bigger picture of the organization around me.  

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job at Demant?

1. Leaving this world a little better than I found it; Helping hearing impaired be able to take part in life.

2. There is a good opportunity to get a proper mental challenge and learn new things in the projects I work on.

3. Being part of, and contributing to a working environment where I, and others, can deliver ambitious solutions, grow in the process and have fun while doing it.

  • Why do you consider Demant a desirable company to work in?

I joined the Graduate Programme because I wanted to be challenged to the limits of my own current capabilities and thereby expand my knowledge and my skills in the process. I am born curious and it is a gift to be granted the opportunity to experience so many parts of the living organism that makes up a big company like William Demant.

Has it been challenging then?  – Oh my, yes indeed. But it has also always been a fantastic learning environment, where I get to try to the best of my abilities. And if they turned out to not be adequate, then the safety net kicked in and there was the help that was needed and lessons to be learned from that experience as well.

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