Mette Bøegh-Nielsen, Deputy Director, Bosch

Mød Mette, der er Deputy Director hos Bosch. Mettes daglige opgaver spænder fra store til små sager. Fælles for dem er, at de alle er relateret til ledelse.

Deputy Director
  • Mette Bøegh-Nielsen
  • 41 år
  • Ansat siden 2014
  • M.A. International Business Communication, SDI

  • How would you describe your field and main task?

What is a working day at Bosch like? Hectic. I usually meet many interesting challenges every day, which I try to solve in cooperation with my fantastic colleagues, and most days when I reflect on my way home from a busy workday, I feel we have found some good solutions together or have made first step in the right direction.

My daily tasks are big and small matters, but all related to managing and developing our Danish Rexroth division. Most of what I do is done in close cooperation with our General Manager, whom I consider my mentor and sparring partner, as well as the rest of our management team.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

My biggest challenge now has been the biggest challenge since I started – I believe we must strive continuously to develop our organization into something better tomorrow than it is today.

My focus is mainly on culture, due to my conviction that good culture produce good results, not the other way round. Every day I get an opportunity to develop my skills further and grow into a better version of myself – I am very grateful to have such an amazing job!

  • How do you use your education in your position?

I have a BA in Literature and MA in International Business Communication so one might assume that I do not use me education in my present position – but I do, every day.
Leadership is all about understanding how people think, feel and communicate, so in this way my education fits my role perfectly.

  • What are three most important things for you in your job at Bosch?

1. We have a very friendly culture at Bosch, which I believe is one of our biggest assets. Being part of a community that cares about people is of key importance to me.

2. If you want to take responsibility, you will be encouraged and educated to do so.

3. Bosch is built on solid social values.

  • Why is Bosch an attractive company for you?

Bosch is a really interesting company – we have such a diversity in our product range and technologies that most companies can only dream of. It gives us an enormous power to stay at the forefront of development even in challenging times when disruption of technology comes faster than expected as we see for instance in the automotive market these days. I also really appreciate that Bosch is a foundation and feel proud that we support so many charitable causes all over the world.  

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