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Patrick Hamilton Whyte, ABM Coordinator, Peakon

  • Patrick Hamilton Knighton Whyte
  • 25 år
  • Ansat siden 2017
  • BSc Marketing

  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

So I've recently moved to the role of Account Based Marketing (ABM) Coordinator, a bit of a mouthful but a super exciting role and one that is new to the company. Essentially, I own all offline ABM activity. This means I align Sales and Marketing strategies to increase our pipeline velocity and maximize our win rates, so we can continue to grow.

My tasks include; planning and executing ABM campaigns including data/analytics, build effective sales processes so we are data-driven, provide easy-to-use content for global Sales reps. It’s difficult to divide the main tasks that I have to do, but that’s a good thing; as this is a new role we are building it out and every single day is different, new tasks arise and I get to shift my focus around, learning new things. 

  • What are the most exciting and challenging parts of your job?

Sounds cliché, but with such a fresh and new role, everything is exciting. I get to work closely with the global teams, traveling and spending time with them to ensure we are all on the same page. Being able to grow out a new role and an important new strategy for the company is amazing, I get to make a huge difference and that's a great feel. Current challenges definitely are around maximizing my time and efforts, as well as absorbing all info. 

One of the most exciting parts of this job is the interaction across the multiple teams. With a need to meet, share information and build projects together, I’m lucky enough to continuously meet incredible people and grow my network. With such a fast-paced environment I’m encouraged to build my skills (internally or externally) and am continuously pushed out of my comfort zone, I believe this is the fastest and most effective way to develop.

  • How do you use your education in your position?

I went to university to do a good degree (Economics and Finance) with the mindset that that was what you needed to be able to succeed and do what you want. After my first-year studying, and with the subjects based around pure theory I realized I wasn’t doing what I enjoyed. The final straw was when I got into econometrics, a mathematical study of economic systems, where the numbers vanished and the Greek alphabet took over. After that I spent some time thinking about what I really wanted, I knew I was doing economics to get into marketing anyway so decided to transition my course to a more practical approach and jumped into the straight marketing course at the same university. The degree lined me up perfectly for this position with lots of knowledge and allowed me to explore the different specialties within the profession. There’s a lot to do in marketing.

  • What are the three most important things for you in your job at Peakon?

Effective communication

This is a job where you're working closely with some incredible people and friends but getting a point across and knowing where to draw the line is so important. Working with the interests of several different company bodies it’s important to ensure that the method of communication is coherent for everyone, to make sure that you are listened to and your role is understood.


I'm forever learning and growing but Marketing moves fast, and things can change quickly so I've got to keep up to bring quality. A great part of Peakon is the desire to help us grow both personally and professionally. Of course, it’s in their interest to ensure that we can perform to the utmost of our potentials but to do that they have offered me external courses, topical books, shared internal expertise and enough coverage to continue building my knowledge.


I have lots of tasks, lots of meetings and people thoughts and feedback to log. I have to keep this all together and coherently. As we grow this position it’s paramount that the foundations are there for any future members of the team and to ensure that coherence amongst the teams.

  • Why is Peakon an attractive company for you?

Only 200 words on this one? Damn. I was sold at my first interview. I had come straight out of university and I was convinced that the corporate world was for me. Initially, I was looking at sales in the Financial Services where I could wear a suit every day and be important. Within the space of one meeting, I knew that was in fact not what I wanted. After my interview I knew I wanted to be working in tech, I knew I wanted to be part of a start-up and be recognized for the work I do. Whilst I may be biased, the culture in Peakon is unbelievable, we have great people, great benefits, and being a Danish company, a very good work/life balance. The people I get to work with are from some incredible backgrounds (Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, King...) and are always willing to share their experiences and knowledge. We have events, socials and nights out together, we have lunch together every Friday and get to have a lot of fun. 

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Senest opdateret: 04 mar 2019

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Thomas Stubbe Teglbjærg, Kampagnekoordinator, Carl Ras

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Oliver Kaae Vinter, Solution Sales Specialist, Microsoft

Hos Microsoft arbejder jeg med semi- eller højt avanceret Cloud-teknologi (Microsoft Azure). Det gælder ikke simple offload af private billeder fra ens telefon, men det kunne eksempelvis være et lignende virksomhedsscenarie, hvor tonsvis af billede materiale skubbes til skyen og processeres med Cloud-baseret Machine Learning-teknologi for at give virksomheden et bedre beslutningsgrundlag.

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Malte Cats-Abildgaard, Community Marketing Manager, Peakon

My field is managing our community, which means building relations, being our brand ambassador, and making noise about Peakon on social media and such – whether it is in relation to tech, HR or leadership. I am in close contact with both internal and external stakeholders to either align communication between teams or establishing new partnerships. 

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Peter Kragh Lauritsen, Head of SEO, Texta

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Jeg beskæftiger mig primært med de daglige processer for de forskellige afdelinger, med henblik på at optimere væksten i alle afdelinger. Sekundært varetager jeg kundekontakten og er formidleren fra Webamp til kunden for at sikre os glade kunder og en mere flydende proces for at få arbejdet gjort. 

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Philip Korsholm Bjerg, Key Account Manager, Kvadrat

Jeg er Key Account Manager i vores ’Transport Division’. Her har jeg ansvaret for de af vores kunder, som arbejder inden for transportsegmentet i Danmark, Norge, UK, Øst-Europa og Asien. Kunderne, som jeg beskæftiger mig med, er arkitekter/designere, sub-contractors og slutkunder, som alle arbejder med det førnævnte segment, altså cruise liners, færger, toge, fly osv.

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Sidst opdateret 10-01-2020

Rasmus Junker, Senior Client Manager, Conversio

Jeg sidder med det overordnede kommercielle ansvar for en stor del af vores kunder. Jeg er med til at sikre, at kunden bliver en succes igennem forløbet hos os. Dette gør jeg blandt andet ved sparring om kundens egne tiltag og udvikling af kundens nuværende setup. Herigennem er det selvfølgelig vigtigt, at kunden har tiltro til mig, så jeg kan træffe afgørende beslutninger for deres markedsføring.

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Sidst opdateret 09-04-2021

Trine Vendelboe, Senior Specialist, BCS, Circle K

Jeg er ansat i Circle Ks B2B salgsafdelingen, hvor mit hovedfokus er at støtte vores sælgere og salgsledelse med værktøjer og data, som giver værdi for vores kunder og Circle K. 

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Sidst opdateret 18-06-2019

Anna Miotello, Customer Success Associate,

I work as a Customer Success Associate in, which is a SaaS company that offers a platform to manage social media. My main responsibilities are handling the relationship with our SMB customers, on-boarding them on the platform by organizing training sessions, and ensuring that they make the most out of the tool.

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Sidst opdateret 12-08-2019

Greyci Gonzales, Digital Mediekonsulent, Eniro

Min primære opgave er at rådgive segmentet små – og mellemstore virksomheder. Det vil sige, at jeg skal introducere vores produkter, give kunden den bedste oplevelse og i sidste ende at sælge digitale løsninger til kunden.  Det foregår på den måde, at jeg rådgiver inden for digital markedsføring og online synlighed – produkterne tæller blandt andet Google AdWords, Facebook, bannerannoncer.

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Sidst opdateret 01-03-2019

Claudia Laven, Global Marketing Graduate, Novo Nordisk

As a Global Marketing Graduate, I started my journey with Novo Nordisk in the Global Insulin Marketing department in the company’s Headquarters in Copenhagen. During my 8 months there, I was part of a cross-functional team supporting the insulin brand teams on various projects.

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Caroline Leopold, Marketing Assistant, Carlsberg

I Carlsberg Brand Marketing beskæftiger vi os med brandorienteret marketing, der primært vedrører vores masterbrand; Carlsberg pilser, Carlsberg 1883, Carlsberg Nordic og den nye øl, der kommer til at hedde Carlsberg Humle. Min arbejdsdag og mine opgaver varierer en hel del - der er ikke en dag, der er ens.

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Sidst opdateret 01-11-2019

Stina Grahn, Account Executive, Pleo

I am responsible for introducing Pleo in the Swedish market to new clients. I am working with clients throughout the whole sales cycle from the first contact to closing the deal. Everyday I meet new clients who all have different stories. My job is then to understand the clients specific stories, their actual pain points and their needs.

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Sidst opdateret 28-04-2021

Helle Kristiansen, Brand Manager, Bosch

As Brand Manager at Bosch, I work within the field of Branding and Marketing. In my job, I am responsible for marketing Bosch heating and energy solutions in the Danish market. As such, my main purpose and function is to enhance the awareness of Bosch heating and energy solutions. My main tasks include: Like this, I decide and plan advertisement material, campaigns on Social Media etc.

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Oliver Skjold Pedersen, Graduate, Carlsberg

Jeg er International Graduate i Group Commercial og sidder i min første rotation af 3 i Craft & Speciality teamet. I Craft & Speciality er vi globalt ansvarlige for brands såsom Somersby, 1664 Blanc, Grimbergen, og Brooklyn. Jeg sidder med 1664 Blanc og Grimbergen og er projektleder på mange forskellige projekter. 

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