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Henriette Henriksen, Associate, BCG

Henriette er ansat som Associate ved BCG. Henriettes arbejdsopgaver favner bredt og omfatter blandt andet research, analysere data og at rådgive kunderne.


  • How would you describe your field and main tasks?

I work as an Associate in BCG. BCG works with solving the challenges that our clients are facing within areas such as strategy, structure, management, and operations. Specifically, my tasks include conducting research to understand a certain part of the business or market by talking to internal or external experts, detecting the true issues behind a problem, and investigating ways to resolve those problems. I spend a large amount of my time analyzing data, working on recommendations with the client based on the findings, and supporting them in finding out how to implement and drive the changes we propose.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging aspects of your job?

You have the opportunity to work with very different customers on very different projects! It is very exciting that you can drive value in the organization while using a broad skill set (analytical, interpersonal etc.). Furthermore, it is a challenge that you quickly have to become familiar with the business challenges of your client and understand the environment for change. In addition, you are very quickly thrown into the deep and given a lot of responsibility - but that is honestly also the fun part of it.

  • How do you apply your education in your job?

I have a BA in International Business and an MA in Finance and Strategic Management from Copenhagen Business School. During my BA, I went abroad to Hong Kong and North Carolina through the “GLOBE program,” and during my MA, I studied at Columbia University in New York for a semester. Beyond using some of the general tools when analyzing a company or market environment, my education also gave me exposure to a variety of cultures and ways of doing business. Thus, I feel like my education prepared me for working with international and diverse teams and clients.

  • What are the three most important things to you in your job at BCG?

The three most important things are the people, the learning, and the great opportunities. BCG’ers represent a really fun and smart crowd of people, and I always feel challenged by both my peers and leaders. The great thing about working at BCG is also the very strong formal and informal learning culture, both from trainings but also from frequent feedback. Regarding opportunities, I especially enjoy the international opportunities you have with your everyday work. Currently, I am working on a case with four different nationalities, and I have had the opportunity to visit the US and the UK within the last 2 months.

  • Why do you consider BCG a desirable company to work in?

I can answer this quite briefly: The people! You work with dedicated, smart and fun people from very diverse backgrounds. You can always learn from someone, and you are pushed to develop constantly both on a professional and personal level!

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