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International Master’s Programme in Performance Studies

Stockholms Universitet
2 år
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse

Om uddannelsen

The International Master in Performance Studies is an innovative study programme aiming to provide students with excellent competences and skills for a profession in the performing arts and cultural field.

Performing arts today operate more and more on a global and international level. Due to these developments professional fields related to theatre and performance are changing and require intercultural knowledge and specific skills to be able to cope with project related and curational challenges. At the same time the study program will expand the students' understanding of theatre and provide advanced theories and methods for the in-depth analysis of international contemporary and historical performance practices. A special emphasis is on dramaturgy and curational practices. In the centre of teaching methods and didactics is the concept of supervised project work (both in research and practice) demanding from the students to engage in autonomous and group steered activities to foster their independent thinking, self-organization skills, ethical responsibility and creativity. An internship at a theatre or cultural institution is part of the study program.


Stockholms Universitet

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