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A leading European university

- in one of the world’s most dynamic capitals

Stockholm University, in the capital of Sweden, is characterised by openness, innovation and collaboration. Ranked among the world’s top 100 universities, Stockholm University is one of Europe's leading centres for higher education and research in human science and science.

Stockholm University was founded in 1878 with the ambition to revitalise higher education in Sweden. Since its inception, close contact with the wider world and active exchange of knowledge and experience have been integral to this vision.

Currently, the university has 33,000 students, 1,600 doctoral students, and 5,500 members of staff active in the scientific areas of human science and science. We offer 190 programmes and 1,700 courses in science, humanities, social sciences and law, including 75 master’s programmes taught in English. The university has a total revenue of SEK 4.93 billion.

With a global perspective and through collaboration with others, Stockholm University contributes to the development of knowledge. Education and research in human science and science in the international frontline, as well as in interdisciplinary work, make this possible. We make knowledge accessible to all through dialogue, participation in public debate and the development of society.

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Videregående uddannelse
Geologi Sted Gennemsnit
Bachelor's Programme in Earth Science Stockholm
Sprog og litteraturvidenskab
Bachelor Programme in Latin American Studies Stockholm
Økonomi og handel
International handel
Bachelor's programme in International Business and Politics Stockholm
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse
Master Programme in Computer and Systems Sciences Stockholm
Kommunikation og medier
Master's Programme in Global Media Studies Stockholm
Kreative uddannelser
International Master's Program in Curating, including Art, Management and Law Stockholm
International Master's Programme in Art History Stockholm
International Master's Programme in Art History: Technical Art History and the Art Museum Stockholm
Teater og skuespil
International Master’s Programme in Performance Studies Stockholm
Miljø, dyr og natur
Master's Programme in Climate Science Stockholm
Bæredygtig energi
International Master's Programme in Environmental Social Science Stockholm
Master's Programme in Astronomy Stockholm
Samfund og kultur
Master of Laws (LL.M,) (60 credits) in European Intellectual Property Law Stockholm
Master's Programme in Applied Social Research Stockholm
International Master's Programme in Political Science Stockholm
Sprog og litteraturvidenskab
Master's Programme in Chinese Stockholm
Økonomi og handel
Master's Programme in Banking and Finance Stockholm

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