Dalia, Embedded Test Automation Developer, BITZER Electronics

Mød Dalia Kitaviciute, der er ansat som Embedded Test Automation Developer hos BITZER Electronics. Få et indblik i Dalias opgaver i interviewet her.

  • Dalia Kitaviciute
  • 31 år
  • Ansat siden 2020
  • Academy Profession Degree in Computer Science, Master of applied mathematics

  • Kan du kort beskrive det forretningsområde, du beskæftiger dig med og dine primære arbejdsopgaver?

I have started working at the Transport department and I mainly work with Startcool reefer system. I am analyzing and updating existing automated regression test as well as creating new by using TestStand tool. In addition, I am investigating and updating test cases documentation in the Helix ALM. Also, I am participating in acceptance testing process and performing acceptance tests on the containers in the laboratory. Manual testing of Starcool and UMO/Starview takes a part of my time as well. However, from the beginning of this year I am also a part of new software test automation team, where I am taking the role of scrum master.

  • Hvad er de mest spændende og udfordrende opgaver i dit job?

The most exiting and challenging part in my job is related with understanding of domain. It can be very challenging to take into account all tiny details that has to be considered while designing or implementing test cases and at the same time there is a need to see the big picture of the system. Luckily, I have great and well experienced colleagues that can help in such situations.

  • Hvordan bruger du din uddannelse i din nuværende stilling?

I use my analytical skills that I gain during my education, as well as knowledge and skills of mathematics and computer science. The knowledge about software development techniques and project management process is also very useful in daily basis. Last but not least, I am using programing and testing skills as well as embedded software knowledge. 

  • Hvad er de tre vigtigste ting for dig i dit arbejde hos BITZER Electronics?

Three most important things for me would be the great possibilities to improve skills and competences, very friendly working environment and great specialists around.

  • Hvorfor er BITZER Electronics en attraktiv virksomhed for dig at arbejde i? 

It feels good to be a part of an organization that is one of global players within intelligent electronics for HVAC&R and has a strong focus on quality of those innovative solutions.

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