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Kristians Kreinbergs, R&D Engineer, BITZER Electronics

Læs her, hvad Kristians laver som R&D Engineer hos BITZER Electronics. Opgaverne består blandt andet af hardwaredesign og -optimering samt testsupport.

  • Kristians Kreinbergs
  • 23 år
  • Ansat siden: 2018
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics, Embedded Systems profile

  • Kan du kort beskrive det forretningsområde, du beskæftiger dig med og dine primære arbejdsopgaver?

I am working in Hardware department as an R&D engineer and I am offered a variety of tasks. Main tasks include Hardware design and optimization (both schematic and PCB layout), Hardware testing, test support, test rig design and manufacturing, embedded solutions, adhoc task – soldering, assembly, cable, interface manufacturing.

  • Hvad er de mest spændende og udfordrende opgaver i dit job?

The nicest tasks I have are the ones where I got challenged, for example, designs that I haven’t worked with, new interfaces, working with other departments etc. I love doing new tasks because it allows me to grow professionally. Additionally, tasks that include high level of responsibility are very exciting.

  • Hvordan bruger du din uddannelse i din nuværende stilling?

Knowledge that I have gained in university serves as the basic understanding and inside of theory, technologies and techniques. Moreover, practical test skills learned during my studies have helped me to find my way around test setups and be a great test support for my colleagues.

  • Hvad er de tre vigtigste ting for dig i dit arbejde hos BITZER Electronics?

1. Relatively small size company and departments. This offers bigger variety of tasks closer interaction between other employees.

2. Availability of test instruments, components, and physical support.

3. Flexibility of time planning and task division.

  • Hvorfor er BITZER Electronics en attraktiv virksomhed for dig at arbejde i? 

Bitzer is a middle-sized company with relatively small departments. Here, you know every colleague and can reach for help when its needed. Working in a Hardware department also offers some freedom towards design ideas. This close collaboration / teamwork allows for brainstorming and ever design idea is considered. 

Not to mention, Bitzer Electronics have a lot of costumers, meaning various different products and implementations.

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