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Philosophy: Political and Moral Philosophy, BA

University of Pennsylvania
4 år

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Philosophy seeks to illuminate fundamental aspects of the world, of our relation to and knowledge of the world, and of our own nature as rational, purposive, and social beings. The study of philosophy aims at an appreciation of the ways this enterprise has been, is, and might be approached. It also provides a vantage point for reflecting on the nature and achievement of other disciplines, such as science, the arts, and the humanities. Philosophical topics can be divided roughly into practical (ethics, politics, aesthetics) and theoretical (epistemology, metaphysics, mind, and logic). The four concentrations available within the major allow students to emphasize different sets of questions.

The new Political and Moral Philosophy Concentration emphasizes the philosophical treatment of normative questions. Its coursework focuses on questions about ethics, morality, politics, and law.


University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 19104 Philadelphia

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