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Computer Engineering

National University of Singapore
34 måneder
Singapore (city)

Om uddannelsen

The Computer Engineering programme (CEG) at NUS prepares its graduates to embark on a lifelong journey in designing computing systems for a smarter world – hence our theme “Designing Intelligence”.

A sophisticated piece of hardware is useless without the software that brings it to life. Computer engineers introduce intelligence into every conceivable device --- from the smart phone that you cannot live without, to massive industrial control systems that power economies. They create the electronic systems in a modern car containing dozens of computing systems communicating through a network. They connect the physical world with cyberspace to enhance everything from entertainment to healthcare and the environment. CEG gives you the skills and knowledge to engineer exciting solutions that move as well as change the world.

A uniquely multi-disciplinary programme, CEG transcends the traditional boundary of computer science and electrical engineering. You will enjoy the resources and opportunities offered by both the host departments: Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering. The curriculum aims to bring real-world problems, solutions, and experiences into the university environment. You will have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge through a unique Full-Year industrial attachment, and through overseas work or learning experience. With the solid fundamentals that the NUS Computer Engineering degree will give you, only imagination and ambition will be your limits.

Uddannelsens længde

ECTS-points: 180

Uddannelsen er på SU-fasttrack listen

Uddannelsen er godkendt til støtte i perioden fra 1. november 2016 til 31. oktober 2020. Efter denne periode skal uddannelsen igen vurderes for at komme på Fast Track listen.


National University of Singapore

21 Lower Kent Ridge Road
119077 Singapore

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