"The sustainable ethic is probably the most important thing that is going to happen in the future."

Bæredygtig bioteknologi Aau

Aleksandra, 18 år 

What are you studying?

Studerende på Bæredygtig bioteknologi Aau"I'm studying sustainable biotechnology".

Why are you studying this degree?

"First of all, I am terrible at history and that stuff. I really like chemistry and maths. I think I am good at it".

"And also the sustainable ethic, that is in this program, is probably the most important thing that is going to happen in the future. It is a useful program".

What is good or exciting about your degree?

"I am from Poland, and the education here is very different. But if you mean the programme itself, it is the sustainable ethic. Like I said , making the world a better place - trying to, maybe some day, develop some new solutions".  

Are there any challenges you need to pay extra attention to when you start?

"Definitely the language. Your English really needs to be very good, if you want to study abroad. But there are still the specific languages, like the scientific language chemistry, for example. I need to listen very carefully not to get lost.

Probably group work is also something very challenging, because it is not something you do in my country. But I really like it, I just need to get used to it".

What is your dream career?

"That is a really hard question. At first, I really wanted to be a doctor. But then I thought, I am not patient enough. Then I wanted to work in the cosmetic industry, but now I am actually thinking about something with fuels. It might change, it changes every day".

Did you have to take extra courses to get in or was it easy?

"Actually, it is a very long story. I did get in, but I needed some extra hours in physics. I have actually been interested in this university for a year now, so I researched it the entire time. But the university gave me the wrong information, I actually needed less hours in physics then what they first told me.  And they just made an exception for me. I just had to send in my transcript from high school, and I was then accepted by a professor. It was kind of stressful".  

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