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Louise Koldig, Subsurface Manager, Total

Subsurface Manager
  • Louise Koldig
  • Employed since March 2002
  • MSc Chemical Engineering, DTU

  • Can you briefly describe the business areas that you work in and your primary tasks?

I work in Subsurface, so we work with the reservoirs in the ground and the primary task you could say is reservoir management. That means we find out how we get the most out of the wells we have, where we should put new wells and how should we develop the area in order to get maximum recovery. It might sound very abstract but it’s generally about gathering, choosing and analyzing a lot of data as well as forming some hypotheses, finding out what we want to do and coming up with ideas, opportunities and development and then putting these into life.

  • What are the most exciting and challenging tasks in your job?

For me the most exciting task is to work with people. It’s about motivating my department to deliver set goals and developing them to become even better at what they are doing. Things like that are really rewarding to work with and at the same time challenging. What motivates one person, might not motivate the next person.

Also, I’m part of a cross-departmental Asset Leadership Team. One of the rewarding things is that I learn a lot from other departments outside my area and at the same time I can contribute with my own knowledge. Nevertheless, there is also challenges to it because sometimes I have to make compromises to my own departmental goals in order to move the asset in the direction we want to because for the greater good it’s actually better we don’t.

Finally, I feel it’s rewarding that in Subsurface we work a lot with opportunities to identify something that’s a good idea. So, you work it up, discuss with a lot of people, mature it, get the budget for it, implement it and then you can see the results of your work which is for instance to getting a well back to life, producing or doubling the production and that brings a lot of excitement.

  • How are you using your education in your current position?

I’m a chemical engineer by background. I did my master's degree at a technical university in Denmark. I can use a lot of knowledge gained from my studies as for instance, thermodynamic and separators. Yet, there is many things that I learn on the job but still I can apply my problem-solving skills from school.

For instance, in university I was given the data which I could rely on, whereas in the company I have to do the data collection and analysis myself before starting the actual work. Giving an example, in university I just assumed that the given pressure was correct but now in real work-life, I have to figure out where I can find that data, which time span should be taken, the reliability, etc. Therefore, I often need to get in contact with several stakeholders like offshore and production but that’s what makes it challenging and exciting.

  • What are the three most important things to you in your job at Total?

The most important thing is that Total is a company that has strong values. Of course, Total has a great vision and strategy, but for me personally having written down how we should work is of high importance. Also, I find it great that Total’s value of standing together or respect for each other overlap very much with the way I like to work as well.

Another great benefit for me is that Total is a large company. We are 100.000 people in the Group and a lot of locations and functions where we can work. This implies we have huge opportunities. Thus, the people in my team and myself can grow by moving around. Lastly, Total is a place where I enjoy coming in because of the people. I get to meet many smart and funny people within Total.

Also, I love the multicultural team I’m working in as we are 20 people from probably ten different nationalities.

  • Why is Total an attractive company for you to work in?

Total is one of the energy majors and that means I’m part of bringing energy to people. Our energy is needed and used to fuel developments in greener energy. So, without us providing the energy now, we also can’t move ahead on the greener energy. Actually, Total is in the whole energy value chain as it is also investing in companies that provide greener energy.

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Senest opdateret: 13 aug 2019

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Hiba Almodaris, Maintenance and Integrity Engineer, Total

I work in a project dedicated to redeveloping one of our existing assets that is suffering from subsidence which is called Tyra Redevelopment Project. It is a complex project that combines both greenfield and brownfield scopes and is divided over several countries in the world. 

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The IT field offers lots of different opportunities for jobs which lets you decide what you’re most interested in. As a developer, one of my main tasks consists of thinking up technical solutions to problems so that our users have a smooth experience with our product. My other favorite main task would be shaping and implementing new ideas so that they are available to our product users.

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Mathias Nielsen, Consultant i NewTech, KPMG

I am a consultant in our NewTech department, where we use cutting edge technology to add value to our clients. Our team consists of technical as well as business people, with a good understanding of (new) technologies. As one of the technical team members, my main areas are Machine Learning, IoT, RPA as well as Chat & Voicebots. 

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Pernille Holm, Ingeniør, Orbicon

Jeg er ansat i afdelingen for forsyning og anlægsteknik, hvor vi arbejder med separatkloakering, byggemodninger og regnvandshåndteringsprojekter. I kraft af, at Aalborg-kontoret, hvor jeg er ansat, er relativt lille, har jeg allerede haft mange forskellige arbejdsopgaver. 

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Sidst opdateret 01-03-2019

Thomas Pank Roulund, Global Mechatronics Graduate, Grundfos

Jeg startede i Grundfos, som en del af deres Global Graduate Programme, og jeg arbejder i min første af fire rotationer inden for vores udvikling af nye produktionsprocessorer.

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Paw Nors Vestergaard, Sikringstekniker, EL:CON

Jeg arbejder til dagligt med brandtekniske løsninger i erhvervslivet. Der stilles større og større krav til sikkerheden inden for brand i dag, og jeg er med til at sørge for, at vi, og kunderne, opfylder kravene for ABA, ABV, ABDL, AVA og sikkerhedsbelysning. Jeg er med til at installere, fejlfinde, vejlede og udføre det lovpligtige eftersyn på anlæggene.

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Sidst opdateret 06-05-2019

Johnny Møller, Supply Chain Graduate, Carlsberg

I min nuværende rotation, hvilket samtidig er min sidste af tre, er jeg First Line Leader i afdelingen B&P Soft Drink. Jeg er leder for et team på 17 medarbejdere, hvor vi som team er ansvarlige for at blande, kontrollere samt sikre levering af opblandet sirup til vores tappekolonner i Fredericia. Teamet modtager, håndterer og blander de parter, som vi bl.a. får hjem fra Coca Cola.

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Sidst opdateret 09-05-2019

Pernille Damgaard, Afdelingsleder, Syddansk Erhvervskole

Jeg er leder af et håndværkerteam på ni medarbejdere i Miljø og Bygning, og samtidig er jeg systemansvarlig for SDE's arbejdsmiljøledelsessystem. På den måde arbejder jeg ikke kun for et godt arbejdsmiljø hos mit håndværkerteam, men også med at understøtte alle de andre arbejdsmiljøgrupper på skolen. 

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Noreen Din, Teamleder, Sweco

Jeg er teamleder og sidder overordnet med opgaver og projekter inden for veje og trafikplanlægning. I det store hele kan man sige, at mit job kræver stærke projektlederevner, og da jeg er teamleder og har personaleansvar, er det selvfølgelig også vigtigt, at jeg er en god leder.

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Simone Herseth Fischer, User Experience Engineer, Kamstrup

Hos Kamstrup arbejder vi med målere og systemer til vand-, varme- og el-forsyninger. Overordnet set går mit arbejde ud på at sikre brugervenligheden på tværs af vores produkter og identificere, hvilken værdi vi vil skabe for vores kunder. 

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Sidst opdateret 12-07-2019

Mette Sørensen, Teknisk sagsbehandler/Ingeniør, Sikkerhedsstyrelsen

Jeg er ansat i Center for Markedsovervågning, hvor jeg arbejder med produktsikkerhed i et team af dygtige kollegaer. Min primære arbejdsopgave omhandler sagsbehandling af produkter, som ikke lever op til gældende sikkerhedskrav. Jeg er ofte i dialog med virksomheder, som har brug for vejledning i forhold til deres egne forpligtelser. 

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Sidst opdateret 16-08-2019

Mustafa Nabil Shaker, Civil Engineer, Rambøll

My primary tasks are to manage projects and coordinate both small and medium sized bridge and civil work projects both in Denmark and internationally. In the recent year, the main focus has been to optimize and integrate the global cooperation between the different bridge teams in countries such as India, Abu Dhabi and UK. 

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