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Biochemistry, BSc (Hons)

University of York
3 år

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What is it that makes chemical compounds come together to form living organisms? The answer to this question is found within the discipline of biochemistry, which sits at the boundary between the physical and the life sciences.

As well as dealing with the fundamental physical nature of life itself, biochemistry has a vital part to play in dealing with many current critical issues such as human health and disease, the growth of biotechnology, and feeding the world’s growing population. Technological advances in DNA sequencing have provided unprecedented amounts of data about biological systems in the form of the complete genome sequences of humans and many other organisms. It is through biochemistry that you will learn how to translate these data into a better understanding of how living systems work, and hence design better drugs to deal with disease and optimise biotechnological processes. This is a particularly exciting time to study biochemistry as the demand for biochemists continues to rise and job prospects in the field are excellent.


University of York

YO10 5DD York

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