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English Literature

University of Warwick
3 år

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Studying English at Warwick will transform your understanding of literature, of your self, and of the world. It will also fully prepare you to thrive in any profession that values intellectual rigour, creativity, and the ability to communicate a message that matters. 

What inspires you? Is it the stories left behind by history’s witnesses, or the ideas that define our modern world? Is it the cultures that surround you every day, as well as those of faraway places? Do you want to understand more about how writing lies at the heart of everything we do, and everything we can be – its ability to change our minds and change the world?

A degree in English Literature at Warwick will harness the passion for reading and writing you’ve had all your life and develop it into an expert knowledge of literary culture. In your second and third years you will select an overarching theme, and complement it by choosing from one of the widest and most innovative range of modules anywhere in the country.

Whether your interests are classical, contemporary, or somewhere in between, you’ll have the freedom to create a degree that reflects what motivates you. 


University of Warwick

CV4 7AL Coventry

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