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The Bachelor of Biotechnology provides students with a broad knowledge of modern biotechnology and its applications. Algal biofuels, stem cell therapy and new methods of disease diagnosis are just a few projects that biotechnologists are working on today.

Career options vary according to the chosen major.

  • Medical biotechnology: positions in laboratories or research labs developing new vaccines and medicines for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals, pathology and biomedical firms, universities, and research institutes.
  • Environmental biotechnology: typical jobs include research associate, consultant, field scientist, microbiologist, conservation officer, environment officer, biotechnologist, and employment across a wide range of industries, creating new products or processes to conserve the environment.
  • Computational biotechnology: roles include data analyst, data curator, database developer, statistician, mathematical modeller, bioinformatician, and software developer. Employment prospects are driven by pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries looking to take advantage of genomics data to usher in a new generation of pharmaceuticals. Other companies that have similar computational needs, such as Google, Facebook and Netflix, also hire computational biotechnologists to manage their own versions of big data.
  • Biosensor technology: graduates can find employment in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health-related industries as a product development engineer, bioengineering lead, regulatory scientist, solution specialist, biomedical algorithm engineer, biosensor engineer, and biophysicist. As this market is expanding, the technology behind biosensors is also reaching new heights and advancements are changing the way everyone from health professionals to wearable and mobile device manufacturers are thinking about biosensors and their capabilities.


University of Technology Sydney

15 Broadway, Ultimo

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