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Bsc (Hons) Geology

University of St. Andrews
46 måneder
St. Andrews

Om uddannelsen

The BSc in Geology at St Andrews will provide you with a deep understanding of the materials, structures, and processes that have characterised the solid earth throughout its 4.6 billion year history. The BSc Geology degree emphasises the origin and chemistry of rocks and minerals, geological mapping, and the processes and events that have shaped the rock record. Teaching provides training in the formation of sediments, minerals, and rocks and their interaction with the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, using fundamentals of chemistry, physics, and biology to build a deep understanding of the Earth. Applied industrial training will introduce you to the skills and knowledge required by the oil, gas, and mining industries, and research projects will allow you to undertake independent field mapping, supported by rock and mineral analysis.

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Uddannelsen er godkendt til støtte i perioden fra 7. august 2015 til 6. august 2019. Efter denne periode skal uddannelsen igen vurderes for at komme på Fast Track listen.

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ECTS-points: 240


University of St. Andrews

College Gate
KY16 9AJ St Andrews

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