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University of St. Andrews

St Andrews is a unique place to study and live. Nestled on the east coast of Scotland, students may find themselves crossing golf-courses on their way to class, or jogging along the beach after dinner. Not only does the University have a world-class reputation, it also offers a diverse range of social activities, including over 140 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Historic buildings are juxtaposed against the modern facilities, and the many student traditions truly make studying at St Andrews an unforgettable experience. 

St. Andrews education

From cutting-edge facilities to flexible assessment methods, the University aims to ensure that all students get as much as possible from a St Andrews education. Discover what makes a degree from St Andrews so sought after.

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Videregående uddannelse
IT-uddannelser Sted Gennemsnit
BSc Computer Science St. Andrews
Kommunikation og medier
MA (Hons) Comparative Literature & Film Studies with year abroad St. Andrews
Kreative uddannelser
MA (Master of Arts) Honours Art History St. Andrews
Ledelse og organisation
MA (Hons) Management St. Andrews
Medicin, pleje og behandling
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Neuroscience St. Andrews
Bsc (Hons) Geology St. Andrews
B.Sc. Honours Biology St. Andrews
Psykologi og terapi
BSc (Hons) Psychology St. Andrews
MA (Hons) Psychology St. Andrews
Samfund og kultur
Theology MTheol (Hons) St. Andrews
Antropologi og kulturstudier
MA (Hons) Social Anthropology (Single honours) St. Andrews
MA (Joint Hons) International Relations and Philosophy St. Andrews
Internationale Studier
MA (Honours) International Relations and Social Anthropology St. Andrews
MA (Hons) International Relations St. Andrews
MA (Hons) International Relations and Modern History St. Andrews
Sprog og litteraturvidenskab
MA (Hons) International Relations & Russian St. Andrews
English MA (Hons) St. Andrews
Master of Arts (Honours) Comparative Literature and English St. Andrews
MA (Hons) French and Italian and Spanish St. Andrews
MA (Hons) French and Italian and Spanish, 5 years (With a year abroad) St. Andrews
MA (Hons) German and Russian St. Andrews
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse
MSc Computing and Information Technology St. Andrews
Markedsføring og salg
MLitt in Marketing St. Andrews
MSc Marine Mammal Science St. Andrews
Psykologi og terapi
MSc Psychology (conversion) St. Andrews
Samfund og kultur
MLitt Philosophy St. Andrews
MLitt Intellectual History St. Andrews
Internationale Studier
Transnational, Global and Spatial History (MLitt) St. Andrews
Økonomi og handel
MSc Finance and Management St. Andrews
International handel
MLitt in International Business St. Andrews

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University of St. Andrews

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