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Mathematical Economics, BA

University of Pennsylvania
4 år

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Economics is a social science and, as such, an important component of the liberal arts curriculum. At the core of economics are theories of how individuals, firms, and other organizations make choices and interact, taking into account constraints on their behaviors. Among the topics studied in economics are the following:
  • The determination of prices and quantities in various types of markets, from perfectly competitive commodity markets to highly regulated utility markets and internet auctions.
  • The effects of taxes, subsidies, and regulations.
  • The determination of aggregate economic activity (e.g., GDP, unemployment).
  • Inflation, monetary policy, and financial intermediation.
  • Economic growth and income distribution.
  • International trade and international finance (e.g., exchange rates).

The Mathematical Economics Major is intended for students with a strong intellectual interest in both mathematics and economics and, in particular, for students who may pursue a graduate degree in economics. Advanced economics makes extensive use of formal mathematical models. The major introduces undergraduate students to rigorous theoretical-quantitative and empirical-quantitative approaches to the analysis of economic problems. In comparison to the Economics Major, the Mathematical Economics Major emphasizes a more formal mathematical analysis, preparing students for academic-style research in economics.


University of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 19104 Philadelphia

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