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Master of Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science

Technische Universität München
22 måneder
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse

Om uddannelsen

The Master's program has two major fields of study: Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science. At the beginning students choose a priority subject which they want to deal with in greater depth. The curriculum is designed in such a way that they can also acquire basic knowledge in a second subject.

The financial and actuarial profile of the Master graduates is completed by various econometrics lectures. Those who aim at completing a professional actuarial training after finishing the degree can already visit lectures during the Master's program, that are later recognized by the German Association of Actuaries.

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Uddannelsen er godkendt til støtte i perioden fra 16. juli 2015 til 15. juli 2019. Efter denne periode skal uddannelsen igen vurderes for at komme på Fast Track listen.

Uddannelsens længde

ECTS-points: 120


Technische Universität München

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