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24 måneder
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse

Om uddannelsen

In the Master’s program in Mathematics, students deal with mathematics as a precise science. Numerous opportunities to acquire advanced knowledge are available to them, concerning areas such as Algorithmic Algebra, Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Geometry and Visualization, Mathematical Model Building, Bio Mathematics or Mathematical Physics.

In contrast to all other mathematical Master’s programs at the Technical University of Munich, students do not have to complete a minor. However, they can incorporate lectures from one or more minors into their studies. During extra-disciplinary courses, students acquire soft skills in areas such as rhetoric and presentation, which are indispensable for their future careers.

Uddannelsen er på SU-fasttrack listen

Uddannelsen er godkendt til støtte i perioden fra 8. januar 2016 til 7. januar 2020. Efter denne periode skal uddannelsen igen vurderes for at komme på Fast Track listen.

Uddannelsens længde

ECTS-points: 120


Technische Universität München

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