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Master in Sustainable Resource Management

Technische Universität München
21 måneder
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse

Om uddannelsen

The program covers:

Natural resources, such as soil, water, air or biological diversity, constitute the essential foundations of human life and economic activity.

Their consumption is rapidly increasing worldwide, a process further intensified by global trends, such as population and economic growth. This results in increasing pressure on all natural resources, accompanied by yet more environmental problems. Moreover, rivalries and conflicting interests increasingly develop over the use of resources that are continuously becoming more and more scarce. This also leads with increasing frequency to international tensions, the comprehensive and lasting solution to which currently poses one of the greatest challenges to humanity.

The international master's program in Sustainable Resource Management addresses these challenges while taking into consideration their social, economic and ecological dimensions. As such, the focus lies on conveying suitable methods of analysis and management. At the same time, the development of specialist and personal competences in an intercultural context remains to the fore.

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Uddannelsen er godkendt til støtte i perioden fra 10. september 2014 til 9. september 2018. Efter denne periode skal uddannelsen igen vurderes for at komme på Fast Track listen.

Uddannelsens længde

ECTS-points: 120


Technische Universität München

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