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Pouria Farsani, medicinstuderende

Meet Pouria Farsani who studied Medicine at Masaryk Universitet

Pouria is studying Medicine at his 10'th semester. He took his bachelor degree at Masaryk University and then got transferred to SDU in Denmark in august 2014, between his 3rd and 4th year. 

Here in the interview he will give you an inner view of what's it like to be a student at Masaryk University.

Why did you choose to study abroad?

I wanted to have the experience of living abroad and study in English as I believed that it would benefit me in my medical career and opening up many doors internationally.

Why did you choose to study Medicine at Masaryk University?

Brno is a great student city, both when it comes to size and living costs. It also hasa great location, close to Vienna and Prague. Masaryk University seemed like a school with a good community and with its modern facilities it seemed like the best choice for me at that time. 

How did you prepare your departure?

Honestly I barley prepared anything before departure. I just made sure I had a place to sleep in the student dorm upon arrival. I had never been to The Czech Republic before.

However, I quickly made new friends during orientation week and all the students were well provided with information about how to settle in. I simply just managed everything a little bit every day as I went along until I was fully settled. 

What is it like to study at Masaryk University?

I’m not going to lie, studying ad Masaryk University required a lot of hard work. Most teachers are engaged in wanting the students to do well and that was always comforting.

Even though it was hard, it was still manageable with the right amount of effort. The older students always had advice and support to offer, that helped me very much. It was also possible to book appointments with most professors for guidance and consultation.

Every semester became more and more interesting however, for me that was key in continuing being motivated. 

How did you apply to study your Master degree at SDU in Denmark?

In order to be able to apply to the kandidat at SDU, you need 180 ECTS, from the first three years of the medical program, from Masaryk University. Having that, you are eligible to apply to the kandidat at SDU. 

When and why did you choose to study your Master degree at SDU?

I transferred to SDU in august 2014, between my 3rd and 4th year. That is the best time to do a transfer as it is the transition from pre-clinical to clinical years.

My main reason fro wanting to transfer to Denmark was that it is closer to home (Sweden) and that I don't face the difficulty of communicating with the patients in the hospital in Denmark, as I did in Czech Republic, considering that most czech patients do not speak english and I barley spoke Czech. 

What are your 3 best pieces of advice to others who are considering to study Medicine abroad?

  1. Remember that it is not necessarily the smart ones that make it but the ones that work hard.
  2. Be humble, towards yourself and your own capacity. It is totally fine if you need to work harder to make it, compared to others, as long as you work hard and do your best. And be humble towards being in a new country with a different culture and traditions. Try to embrace what is new to you, and if you cannot, just accept it for what it is. 
  3. Make sure to have fun besides studying. Be socially active and do things that you enjoy in your spare time. It is just as important as studying! 

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