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Civil and Architectural Engineering

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
2 år
Kandidatuddannelse og masteruddannelse

Om uddannelsen

The programme starts with fundamental courses before moving into advanced-level courses that are often related to real-life projects and the use of state of the art tools for design and modelling. The programme offers two tracks: Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering.

This master’s programme is aimed to give you advanced knowledge in the field of Structural Engineering as well as within the subjects of Civil or Architectural Engineering. The students will be able to implement this knowledge with a holistic view of buildings and infrastructure as advanced technical systems. The programme starts with fundamental, compulsory courses before moving into elective and more advanced-level courses. There are two main tracks in the programme: Civil Engineering and Architectural Engineering. The Civil Engineering track is devoted to techniques for designing, constructing and maintaining roads, streets, railway track, bridges and tunnels. The Architectural Engineering track is concerned with the engineering design and analysis of buildings with an emphasis on system-level performance and in a lifecycle perspective. The teaching methods are a mix of lectures, exercises, industry project work and laboratory work. During the education, the programme interacts with industry in many ways. One way is through project work in cooperation with experts from industry, and another is the involvement of experts from industry as teachers.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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