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BA Fashion Stylist / Modestylist

Istituto Europeo di Design
3 år

BA Fashion Stylist / Modestylist

Bliv modestylist med en bachelor fra IED i Milano

Major in Fashion Stylist – Three year Courses – Milan

This course is held in English language.

The course in Fashion Stylist teaches students to effectively contribute to the communication processes, the promotion and therefore the enhancement of the fashion product and the featuring imaginary aesthetic and style.

From the second year students have the possibility to attend the specialisation in Fashion Communication (taught exclusively in Italian) to create and manage an integrated communication strategy, manage an advertising campaign, deal with the media and those operating throughout the sector, organize events and fashion shows, but also plan and launch a product, a designer or a brand.



Lately this profession has widened its range of competences to the point where it now plays a fundamental role in the artistic direction of collections, integrated communication strategies, cool hunting and trend setting.

Methodology and structure 

The course trains students through a practical experimentation of the methods, the tools which have been studied and the cultural aspects: the projects (photo shoots of women, men and still life) are undertaken by studying the phases of research/development/and realization and represent the basic building blocks of the course of study. Each subject is thought about as it relates to the project: the technical and creative tools (software, digital corrections of the images, creating video); the cultural signals (contemporary fashion, photography, semiotics and in general being able to interpret images).

The fundamental goal is to form a Fashion Stylist capable of managing the creative process, the mechanisms of project design, to gain a full understanding of the different styles that fashion has historically experienced, as well as the contemporary trends, and to gain the ability to critically analyse new forms of fashion.


Fashion Stylist, Brand Consultant, Creative Direction Coordinator, Fashion Research Expert, Fashion Editorial Expert, Trend Forecaster.


This Diploma, accredited by Italian Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR), is equivalent to a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

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