15 okt 2019

Danish Students Abroad - What and where do they study?

It is becoming increasingly popular for young people to take a part or all of their studies abroad, because it opens up for the possibility of an international career and gives students a fantastic opportunity to explore the world as they study. This increasing trend means that universities all around the world have to adapt to an international student body so that they can attract students from all over the world.

Studentum.dk has conducted a survey of the most searched for studies abroad. Below you can find a list of the highest ranked study programmes among Danish students looking to take their studies abroad and why they think these study programmes and locations are attractive. 

Top 5 Searches: Study Abroad

1. Medicine

Occupying almost a third of all search results, medicine is the most popular education abroad among young Danish students. This may be partly due to the fact that medicine is a highly sought after education in Denmark and that there are a limited number of spots offered by the universities. This also means that every year there are many qualified students who are not admitted. 

Fortunately, for students who are not admitted to a Danish university, they have the opportunity to study medicine abroad. Here, Sweden and England, with their high academic levels, are among the most popular destinations when it comes to studying medicine abroad. Similarly, the educational system in Sweden & England is more reminiscent of the Danish system than those in southern Europe.

Studying medicine abroad means students can use their education worldwide giving them the opportunity of pursuing an international career.

2. Psychology

Psychology comes in second place on the list for the most searched for studies abroad. Psychology also ranks amongst the most popular educations to study in Denmark and therefore admission can be competitive. Studentum.dk talked of one of the students who did not get admitted to her psychology programme in Denmark, and therefore chose to study abroad in Bath:

I always imagined that I would study abroad for a semester or two when I was going to university, but unfortunately I was never accepted to my dream programme here in Denmark that's why I decided to go to England and ended up choosing a university in Bath.

The best thing about being a student in England is that I have been given the opportunity to practice my English and have almost become fluent. Initially, I spent an incredible amount of effort thinking about what to say and write, but now, after just a few months I no longer have to think my words and it all comes naturally.

Emily emphasizes that her linguistic development and being fluent in another language has been one of the major benefits of taking her education abroad. Being fluent in more than one language is a great advantage for students dreaming of pursuing a career abroad and looking for a job with an international outlook. Being multilingual is also an advantage when applying for a job in Denmark, as the entire labor market is becoming increasingly globalized. 

3. Fashion studies

Fashion studies takes spot number 3 on our list. In this category, universities in fashion Meccas Paris & Milan dominate the list. The advantages of studying fashion abroad in cities such as Paris & Milan is that students get to study and work in close proximity to some of the biggest fashion houses in the industry. This gives them ample opportunity to network with some of the most interesting players in the fashion industry.

When it comes to studying fashion, southern European universities take the top spots as they are regarded as experts in the field.

3. Veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine is also one of the most searched for study programmes abroad. Veterinary medicine in Denmark is an education with a low admission rate and limited spots and therefore, competition is fierce.

Once again England takes the top spot when it comes to choosing a university abroad. Students have cited the quality of teaching and English as being two of the drawing factors.

5. Zoology

Among the most popular searches for education abroad, zoology ranks fifth. In Denmark, zoology can only be taken upon completing a bachelor in biology, whereas if you go abroad the same restrictions don't apply. Therefore, if the dream is studying zoology, going abroad means students can jump right into the action, studying in an international environment with other young people who share the same passion about wildlife and nature as they do.

The complete List of the most popular Study Abroad Searches

1. Medicine

2. Psychology

3. Fashion studies

4. Veterinary medicine

5. Zoology

6. Art

7. Design

8. Management

9. Law

10. Engineering

11. Architecture

12. Film og media science

13. Theater

14. Odontology

15. Journalism

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