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Copenhagen: Denmark’s best student city 2020

Are you considering studying in Copenhagen or do you already study here? If you can answer yes to one of these questions, then you have made a good decision. Copenhagen has been crowned the best student city in Denmark in a survey conducted by

On’s list, Copenhagen snags the top spot scoring high on parameters such as, career opportunities, nightlife, the city’s reputation and student jobs. These were all parameters that students valued highly when considering where to study. Read more below and find out why you should consider studying in Copenhagen!

Facts about Copenhagen:

Population: approx. 727,000

Associations: 16,840

Bars & cafés: 4927

Average rent: 160 kr./sqm

Number of student jobs per year: 8311

Denmark’s best career opportunities - also whilst studying

Copenhagen tops the list when it comes to career opportunities after graduation. In 2019, there were 66,250 job listings in Copenhagen, which makes Copenhagen the city with the most job listings in the country. This all makes it a lot easier to land a job after completing your studies. It also means you don’t have to worry about moving and you can utilise your network to full effect. 

Copenhagen ranks 2nd when it comes to a starting salary for graduates, at 31,742kr a month. After a few years living on a limited SU budget you can look forward to receiving your first fat paycheck. Furthermore, if you do decide to stay here, you will be well rewarded, as Copenhagen has the biggest incremental pay rise increase in the country at 40% over 10 years.

I love studying in Copenhagen, because it is a city with many professional as well as leisure opportunities available.

- Emma, Communication & IT at KU

It is also very easy to get a student job in Copenhagen, and Copenhagen tops the list when it comes to the number of available student jobs. Whilst studying you will have many opportunities to explore the corporate landscape in Copenhagen and land your dream job after completing your studies. This is especially important if you wish to get good work experience on your C.V. whilst you are studying.

Pulsating nightlife - The city that has it all!

When you are not busy burying your head in your books, you’ll be happy to hear that Copenhagen has the best nightlife in the country. You will find everything from Michelin star restaurants, modern nightclubs and fancy cocktail bars to street food fairs, pubs and live music venues, something for everyone. If you’re more interested in experiencing nature and the outdoors, fear not, Copenhagen is filled with green spots around the city, including parks, waterfronts and our very own man-made beach, Amager Strand. 

Choosing to study in Copenhagen was one of the best decisions in my life! Copenhagen is the perfect metropolis, it doesn’t take long to navigate between the different neighbourhoods and there is an abundance of activities, restaurants and bars.

- Alba, Communication & IT at KU

Even though Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital, it doesn't take long, getting from one end of the city to the other, especially using the Copenhagener’s favourite means of transport, the bike! Copenhagen's love of bikes has become part of its trademark and you’ll find a bike shop on every block in the city. 

If cycling isn’t your thing, fear not, Copenhagen recently expanded their metro system covering more neighbourhoods in the city and providing excellent connections to the buses and trains. The metro runs all night, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting home after a night out!

Denmark’s most expensive student city - How to survive on a budget

Even though Copenhagen is an expensive city, which doesn’t always go hand-in-hand with a student budget, there are many cafes, restaurants, clothing stores, dentists, museums and gyms that offer student discounts. This means you’re able to manage your budget and still have room for some fun. 

There are also numerous free attractions that you can take advantage of. Among other things, you can explore places such as Christiania, the Glyptotek (free on tuesdays), walk along Kastellet (the little mermaid), visit the botanical gardens, enjoy the view from Church of Our Saviour or visit the Black Diamond library. If you have a little extra spending money, there are numerous cheap activities in Copenhagen to explore, such as experiencing the city from the guided boat tours through the canals, enjoying a musical evening in Tivoli at “Fredagsrock” and having a communal meal at Folkehuset Absalon. 

Even though biking and public transport are the most eco-friendly and budget friendly transport options, there are numerous other options of getting around the city. Concepts like GoMore and GreenMobility make it easy to rent a car for trips around the city. 

Another way of saving money is by using platforms such as Pensum and Bogreolen where you can buy and sell your used study books. This is a great way to give your books a new home as well as bring in some much needed money.

Your educational opportunities in Copenhagen

Do you want to know more about your options in Copenhagen? We have created an overview for you below.

Top 10 student cities in Denmark 2020

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